Upcoming Events

Psychic Fair                                                      Sunday, April 30, 2017                                                        Location: Crowne Plaza, Cleveland South                                                                I-77 & Rockside Road (5300 Rockside Road)

10 AM - 5 PM, We wlll be in the Cuyahoga Room, to the left of the Hotel Registration Desk. 

Free Admission and Free Lectures                                             

Psychic Sessions are $25 and last 15-17 minutes; Sandra-Leigh’s sessions are $35, Cash preferred, now taking credit cards. Our Marketplace features Pearl Xpressions and Midway Metaphysical and More.


   Trish Bohn - Psychic Medium

   Tim Brainard -  Medium, Psychic, Channel

   Melinda Carver - Psychic, Medium, Tarot

   Chris Gregor - Psychic, Tarot

   Carole Lesko - Psychic, Medium, Tarot

   Theresa - Tarot, Astrology, Psychic

   Maya - Palm, Psychic

   Princess Petal - Tarot, Psychic

   Cathleen Rooks - Tarot, Fairy, Animal Cards

   William Tuma - Astrology, Intuitive

   Sandra Youngblood - Psychic, Animal Totems, Tarot

   Sandra-Leigh Serio -  Astrology ($35)   

Free Lectures starting at 11 30 AM

Tim Brainard - Communicating with Spirit

Sandra-Leigh Serio - Spring Astro Forecast