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Policies for Astrological Consultations with Sandra-Leigh Serio (Please read this if you have an appointment scheduled with Sandra-Leigh Serio.) 

Fees: One-hour sessions (either in person or via telephone) are billed at $175 for 60-70 minutes. After 75 minutes, you will be billed $2 per minute until the session is complete. One-half hour sessions are telephone only and are reserved for established clients who have already had a one-hour session with Sandra-Leigh. They are billed at $100 per 1/2 hour and $2 per minute after 35 minutes. 

If you have a follow-up question after your session, Sandra-Leigh will answer it by telephone as long as it is within 48 hours of your session and it takes no more than two or three minutes and does not require the calculating of an additional chart. 

E-mail questions: Sandra-Leigh does not answer e-mail questions. Those questions often require an appointment. 

Recording of Session: All sessions are recorded and burned to a CD or emailed to you as an audio file. If you do not want your session recorded, please specify before your session begins. The recording of the session is offered as a courtesy to you and cannot be guaranteed. If you want it mailed, there is a $5 charge. You always have the option to record the session yourself. If the CD or cassette does not work or there was a problem with the recording or it does not arrive in the mail, the session cannot be repeated.Every effort will be made to duplicate the CD but only if there is a working copy and the $5 fee is met.. 

Cancellation Policy: Please give 24 hours notice or you will be billed for your session. There is a waiting list for sessions when Sandra-Leigh visits Cleveland, Ohio. If you have to cancel, do it as soon as possible to allow another client to take the session. 

Payment Policy: Payment is expected at the time of the session. Sandra-Leigh accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Money Order, or Cash. With certain established clients, checks will be accepted. 

Confidentiality: All sessions and information exchanged during a session are confidential even if a third party is paying for the session. 

Sandra-Leigh’s Bio

Sandra-Leigh is a full-time, professional astrologer with a Master's Degree in Psychology; she lives in Boulder, Colorado. For 25 years, she wrote a weekly astrology column for a major newspaper. Sandra-Leigh is certified by ISAR, AFA and OPA as a professional astrologer. She has written for Mountain Astrologer, Llewellyn Publications, Horoscope Magazine and StarIQ. Presently, she is President of the Rocky Mountain Astrologers (ROMA) and is the Treasurer and a Group Leader for OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology).

Aside from teaching and lecturing on astrology, she also consults with clients in-person or via phone or Skype.


Sandra Leigh is an "awesome astrologer."  She spends much time doing  research and preparing for all client consultations.  I highly recommend her to "anyone" in search of more information about themselves and the influences the alignment of the planets might have on their lives. Kathleen N., Lafayette, Colorado

Sandra-Leigh really does know her stuff!!! In my last session, my chart clearly showed some upcoming complications and stressful times. Interestingly enough, I was fired, I had an accident, and I attended a funeral! She very specifically told me that I could be fired, have an accident or attend a funeral and all of those things happened! Having the "heads up" really was helpful. And I am very grateful that she does not just tell me what I want to hear (the good stuff!)- but also what to watch out for and when I am entering a difficult cycle. She also told me when things would turn around and I am very much looking forward to next year! I am thankful Sandra-Leigh is so good at what she does and for revealing the good AND the bad. Lisa, Naples, Florida