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The Total Solar Eclipse

On August 21 I journeyed to Alliance, Nebraska to see the eclipse in its totality and wrote about it. The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) is publishing my story in their journal. Once it is published, I will share it with you on this website. 

Below is an Eclipse Forecast for each sign that is in effect for an entire year.

Aries:  A child may be coming to your family. Your creative juices are enhanced. Start a new hobby, attend sports events or performances.

Taurus: You could relocate to another state, move to a new residence or remodel. Connect with family members and show your love.

Gemini: Improve or update your communication or transportation equipment. Your words have merit, put them down on paper.

Cancer: There is a focus on money - you may find a new source of income or you could make a big purchase for a long-desired item. Give to a charity.

Leo: With the eclipse in your sign, you’re changing your attitude and outlook on life. You may even physically change your appearance!

Virgo: This is the time for you to get in touch with fears and anxiety. Find someone to talk to so you can find peace with your past. Your psychic skills are sharp.

Libra: Make new friends and say goodbye to old ones. Be active with an organization or club. Set goals for the year, their attainment is within reach.

Scorpio: Your career is blossoming or people are noticing you because you have done something (for good or bad)  that people are talking about. 

Sagittarius: Travel is in your future. You may visit a place you’ve never been! Educational possibilities loom ahead. Learn a new skill or take a course. 

Capricorn: Investment possibilities appear. Only proceed if you are guaranteed a return. Someone purchased something that may be yours one day.

Aquarius: Relationships take the spotlight. You can begin a new one or discard one that no longer works. Expect a benefactor to enter your life.

Pisces: A new job is possible. Take note of nutritional needs. It is time to begin a healthier lifestyle. A new pet may come into your life.