Astrological Consultation
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My next webinar series will begin in January, 2019, date and time TBA. The webinars are $30 and last for 90 minutes. Text me at 303-641-6838 to make suggestions about Webinar topics.

2018 Forecast

Aries:  Money rolls in from unexpected sources. Your portfolio swells. Expect to consider a new leadership position. The things that bring you pleasure (hobbies, romance, children, entertainment) are now within reach. A Leo plays a role.  Reflection: Self-healing occurs when you see your past from a different perspective.

Taurus: Those born early in the sign can expect to see great changes in lifestyle. Relationships blossom, a Scorpio or Sagittarius plays a significant role. Explore your ancestry or travel to places with family that reinforce your heritage. Reflection: Change is inevitable, nothing is permanent. Look forward, not backward.

Gemini:  Work opportunities expand and may include travel or publishing. Things that are worn out have to be repaired or replaced. Be conservative with investments. Real estate has potential. Expect startling discoveries about who you really are.  Reflection: Being productive gives you a greater sense of self and adds confidence.

Cancer:  Young people entertain you and bring greater joy to your life. Expect to reconnect with someone important from your past. A Capricorn could play a role. Luck is with you in late May or early June. Plan a vacation at a spa or around water.  Reflection: Family connections are the best medicine around.

Leo:  Relationships are tested. Relocating or other residential changes are on your radar. Career shifts are life changing. A reduced workload decreases stress. Visits to the dentist or other health professionals help you and your pets stay healthy. Reflection: Be gracious when in the spotlight. Others learn from your behavior.

Virgo: For two weeks (8/24-9/8) the world is your oyster. Live it up, travel to a place on your bucket list and have fun. Turn a hobby into a thriving business. All it takes is time and effort. A new car equipped with spiffy gadgets could be yours. Reflection: Planning is not just preparation, it’s survival.  

Libra: More money should be at your disposal resulting in pricey purchases and a new found sense of style. A Sagittarius could play a role. A change in residence doesn’t only mean a new environment but a whole new cultural adventure. Reflection: Say goodbye to people, places, and things. A new world awaits

Scorpio: Jupiter in your sign promises interaction with many enriching and favorable people and experiences. Early June is encouraging for travel, education, romance and entertainment. Verbal commitments are binding, proceed with caution. Reflection: Attitude is everything. Remember those who helped you get where you are.

Sagittarius: Trust what you can’t see; faith is an asset. Delve into the world of spirit. Dreams are prophetic and serve to alert you to a changing world. Save a little, you never know when you’ll need it. A new tool, gadget or device makes work a breeze. Reflection: Many gifts await you in the world of hypnosis, affirmations, and ritual.

Capricorn: Saturn is in your sign bringing responsibility, limitation but also respect and authority. From 8/21-9/21 business deals and uncanny timing prove fortunate. Luck is with you as your efforts are rewarded. A new friendship is cause to rejoice. Reflection: Growing older has its blessings; it brings courtesy, wisdom and civility.

Aquarius: An ambition is realized this year. Unplanned changes in your home or with the family are likely. July calls for caution with all activities as Mars and the Lunar Eclipse fall in your sign. Your intuition deepens this year. Listen to your dreams. Reflection: Solitude nourishes your soul and is a welcomed friend. 

Pisces: May and June are especially fortunate for you. Many things fall into place with children or young people and travel. An enhanced self-image brings more confidence and security. A trustworthy friend can help you maintain your equilibrium.  Reflection: Charitable acts are always rewarded. It’s just a matter of time.