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2019 Forecast

Aries:  Traveling to places on your bucket list becomes a realty in 2019. Opportunities are presented to learn new skills and to share your vast and specialized knowledge with others. Career ambitions are accelerating. You’ll complete one job and move toward another. Reflection: Wisdom only comes from experience. The passage of time changes your perspective.

Taurus: Uranus continues through your sign bringing strong urges toward breaking free from restrictions and limitations. A financial increase is likely as your monetary commitments evaporate. Be thoughtful with family decisions, don’t be rushed into anything. Reflection: Embrace change, even if you did not initiate it. It’s all part of a divine plan.

Gemini:  New relationships develop on many levels. They can be professional, romantic or a budding friendship. A Sagittarius could play a role. Pay attention to tax obligations and interest rates. A conservative approach to finances saves money in the long run. Reflection: Trust what you cannot see. Support comes in many different forms.

Cancer:  Just a slight modification to your daily routine brings untold benefits. Don’t be afraid to try new endeavors. Remember to offer care and support to the people who have been in your life a long time. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted. Reflection: Everyone who comes into your life is a teacher of sorts.

Leo:  A new baby or a person from a different cultural background may enter into your family life. It’s a new year, get serious about health and exercise. Work demands or dealing with a health professional may result in necessary changes to your daily life. Reflection: Learn to let go and look forward. Sometimes you just have to move on.

Virgo:  Urges are strong toward moving your residence. If you stay where you are, you’ll have to redecorate or expand. Expect to hear from someone from your past. A Capricorn may be involved. Delve into your family ancestry - surprised loom ahead. Reflection: Your surroundings reflect not only who you are but your values as well. 

Libra: Thoughts turn toward a car, computer or phone purchase. Pay your respects to your elders. You have an obligation, live up to it. Your creative side is bursting at the seems. A hobby could turn into a money-making project. A little extra cash always comes in handy. Reflection: Get rid of what you can’t fix. It’s baggage you’ve been carrying long enough.

Scorpio: There seems to be a bit more money around you this year. Resulting in a major purchase. Make contact with people from your past. Social media is a wonderful resource that allows you to do that. A Pisces never ceases to entertain you. Reflection: Pay it forward, whether it is with money or your time. 

Sagittarius: Jupiter in your sign this year brings luck and a more positive attitude. Humor has the quality to heal. You may find yourself more frugal than ever and find it hard to part with your hard-earned cash. Certain vitamins or elixirs can be health enhancing. Reflection: Generosity has a mysterious way of returning to its source.

Capricorn: There is a lot of behind the scenes activities that will bring benefits to you, activity that you may not even be aware of. This is also a year where you get very serious and take on more responsibility. Others may see you as some to respect and admire. Reflection: You don’t have to believe in guides or protectors for them to do their job!

Aquarius:  You will make many new friends this year and they will be from different backgrounds and cultures. Some may even be foreign! Expect someone to seek out your participation in fund raising or consulting due to you being informed and savvy. Reflection: Focus on your positive attributes. Labels are limiting. 

Pisces: Your career is blossoming! A raise or promotion is likely. You’ll be recognized for your talents and foresight. Expect to be in the spotlight. An old friend may come back into your life. A Capricorn could play a role. A child could bring some hopeful and wonderful news. Reflection: You connect to people on many levels and the dream state is one of them.