Astrological Consultation
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2020 Forecast

by Sandra-Leigh Serio

Aries:  Your career has your attention as you work on tweaking where you want to be in the world. There is a completion of duties as new opportunities loom on the horizon. Expect to take on a new position. You have a chance to make a mark in the world but first you have to finish something you’ve held onto for a very long time. A last minute trip is likely around summertime.

Taurus:  You may be finishing educational studies and also embarking on new adventures that are connected to the legal, academic, foreign, or travel industry. You have something important to announce and March is the month you find your voice. A Sagittarius plays a role in helping you address financial issues or helping you plan for a safe and secure future.

Gemini:  You may be thinking about retiring from a business or community position. It is time to move on to better things that are more suited to your talents. Purchases are plentiful this year. You will acquire material possessions that help to keep you organized and comfortable. If you are in a close relationship, expect your partner to provide travel opportunities and other fun excursions.  

Cancer:  You meet fascinating and influential people this year and could be reacquainted with those from your past. If work is a priority, you could travel internationally or meet those from unique cultural backgrounds. A sibling or other relative who has disappeared from your life makes a reappearance. Sagittarius and Capricorn people make a difference in your life.

Leo:  Your ability to set a good example is evident with co-workers and those in the health professions. If you follow directions, the rewards are amazing. Your latent teaching talents come forth. Even if you do not teach a class or a course, you will positively help people gain new insight into their lives. Publicity or some type of recognition comes your way. 

Virgo:  This is a year of favorite pastimes and pursuit of hobbies. Your organizational abilities are highlighted. Use them for family outings, social gathering and travel excursions. Younger people may finally be willing to take responsibility. Grant them their wish. Increasing your library of reading materials is not just informative but fun and mind-expanding as well. 

Libra:  Many important decisions are before you this year and they may involve family, residential changes, and planning for a more secure future. If you move, it may be associated with your career or it could be because you want to maintain closer relationships with family. New methods of transportation are considered. It’s time to upgrade your electronics or social media presence.

Scorpio:  Relationships keep your guessing. A partner or close associate may suddenly switch their course or your partner may make unique suggestions that indicate the need for change and the consideration of new ideas and arrangements. If you feel out of touch with a sibling, neighbor or other relative, now is the time to renew the connection. The results can only be positive.

Sagittarius:  If you’ve done the preparation and the work, your earning capacity can double. Purchases are on the horizon. You will want better made products and will not even consider anything that looks like a bargain because you know it isn’t! You could easily discover an invigorating new health routine. A Capricorn or Aquarius boosts your resources and adds to your financial security.   

Capricorn:  This is a year of realigning your purpose and seeking out new leisure activities. Family traditions are especially important; be sure to maintain them or start new ones. Take on new responsibilities; the rewards are better than you think. Your natural leadership abilities may not be evident to you, but others will benefit greatly from your actions and encouragement. 

Aquarius:  If you ever wanted to go on a retreat or enjoy solace and reflection, this is the year you can make it happen. Deep thought leads to new revelations about your life and the world you live in. There are new friendships to make this year with widely traveled and philosophically wise people. Residential restlessness leads to home improvement and renewed family associations.

Pisces:  Your social life takes a new turn. Social media puts you in touch with a variety of people from different walks of life. An Aquarius is eager to teach you new tricks of the trade. Joining a support or social group could be just what the doctor ordered. Your true talents and leadership abilities are showcased when you interact with others who are needing direction and support.